A life-long experience
by Carolina Catanzano
CAE I student

Have you ever wondered what a cultural exchange programme to a foreign country would feel like? This year, for the very first time, Boston College had the unique privilege to host five American students and get involved in this amazing experience.

Travelling to other countries can be very exciting, but if can get to know their culture in depth, it’s a lot more interesting! Therefore, after a month of planning, everything started a 26th June when Gabrielle, Audrey, Ariel, Kirstin and Johanna arrived at the Jorge Newbery airport. This astounding adventure was already starting.

The guests settled at their hostesses’ houses, and came to school the next day. They took part in our regular lessons and mingled around with the students in order to improve their Spanish.

One of the most outstanding activities we participated in was the press conference a Committee of seventeen students organized, in which we were divided into five small groups in charge of different key areas of Argentine culture such as the educational system, socio-historical and geographical aspects, food and leisure. Our goal was to come close to other cultures by means of the language and thus become acquainted with their different customs and traditions.

Yet, the most remarkable activity to me was the downtown tour we well thought out together. The Committee and the guests went on a day’s outing in order to visit some of the most important sights of Buenos Aires. We acted out as ‘tour guides’ and showed them some of the most important places in town like Plaza de Mayo, Puerto Madero, the Cathedral, Caminito, Casa Rosada, Florida street and Café Tortoni. But the tour was about much more than just tourist attractions because it was a really bonding experience and we were able to share a whole day together building a friendship.

However, every story has an ending and this wonderful one also does. After spending a lovely week with Gabrielle, Audrey, Ariel, Kirstin and Johanna, it was time to say goodbye. We went to Ezeiza airport, where they caught the plane which flew them back home. This experience not only gave us the chance to acquire new knowledge and cultural understanding – it gave us much more: life-long friends and memories that will live on forever.
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