Have you ever thought about hosting a foreign student? THIS is your opportunity!
by Natalia Prada
CAE I student

On 27th June 2008 five students from the U.S.A arrived in Argentina and I was at the airport waiting for them. I was in charge of hosting Kirstin Porras. The other four American students were Audrey, Ariel, Gabrielle and Johanna. All of us were very nervous because we did not know how the experience was going to turn out.

After they arrived we had tea at Guada’s house as she was hosting Audrey. We got to know one another a little bit more and, as days went by, it seemed that we’d known one another for years. Our guests loved going to famous sight-seeing landmarks in BA such as San Telmo, Palermo Soho, La Boca, Caminito so on the weekend we decided to go shopping to some of these places.

On Monday 30th June the Committee, which was in charge of organizing the activities to do when the guests arrived, delivered a Press Conference in which not only the five American students had to talk about topics related to cultural aspects of their country but we also had to do the same about about Argentinian geography, history, food, sports and the educational system. Everything was well organized and we definitely had fun.

On July 1st, the Committee also organized a downtown tour. At nine o’clock we got on the school bus and at nine thirty we arrived at a very traditional and well-known cafeteria: Café Tortoni. We went in and took some photographs. Then we walked to the main historical landmarks such as Plaza de Mayo, the Cathedral, the “Cabildo” and “Casa Rosada”. After that, we walked along Florida Street, Puerto Madero and at 12.30 we got on the bus again. Our last sight-seeing spot was Caminito in La Boca, and at 1.30 pm we were back at school.

Our last day was the best ever. We went shopping and at night we organized a farewell meal to say goodbye to our American friends. In the morning we went to school and at midday we had lunch at McDonald’s. Then we went to the airport and this was the worst part of the experience: saying goodbye to all of them. We cried our eyes out as we knew that this experience had been amazing.

In my opinion, the best of all was going shopping with them and having tea all together. If I had to do it all again, I would definitely say YES!

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